Grosvenor Waterside Chelsea by Make Architects

Grosvenor Waterside, Chelsea,by Make Architects

What I’m showing you here are some of the architectural pictures of Grosvenor Waterside, Chelsea, a project made by Make Architects.
These private apartments were designed for  St. James developers and they transformed a former industrial site close to London’s Chelsea Bridge into a new urban quarter.

Architectural pictures

The architectural pictures presented here focus their attention on the development made by the architects alongside the artist Clare Woods . Most importantly I focused my attention on her design etched into the cladding; as a result of her work the exterior of the building is a canvas for a piece of public art.

London’s Chelsea Bridge

The new urban quarter has born close to the London’s Chelsea bridge visible from the landscaped roof and from the balcony. The smaller of the 2 buildings faces the dock. I shot a pictures from the smaller building to show the view.

I produced several architectural images and here you can have access to the portfolio.

From Grosvenor Waterside looking towards Chelsea bridge by Make Architect, Images Of Interiors, London


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