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Images Of Interiors visited Pompeii where, in one place, it fulfilled its deep interest in history, design and architecture.

Walking on those streets full of history and visiting those houses and shops of the Romans is an unique experience.

Interiors of Pompeii

The end of the citizens of Pompeii was disgraceful and nowadays well renowed.

At those times the volcano close to the city, the Vesuvius, appeared like a quiet and peaceful hill; the volcano was a sleeping one.

Historians understood this clearly by looking at some drawings of frescos perfectly preserved inside the houses of Pompeii. But the drawings inside the houses are not only a precious and extraordinary historical document.

The interiors of those places are rather remarkable because of their style.

The discovery Pompeii became so influential and fashionable.

For instance, from that moment on, we discovered and named a red color, tinted with orange,  “Pompeian Red”. 

This color appeared on the fresco walls by uncovering the ruins Pompeian red .

Pompeian revival Style

The Pompeian style became well renowned all over the world but  had major influence in the United States.

Pompeian decoration most strongly conveyed the impression of luxury and elevated social status However, the complex range of contemporary reactions to the Pompeian style, colored by unease about the expansion of private wealth and luxury building projects during the Gilded Age and the years surrounding it, likewise had a national slant.